Way of working and organization

As managing director of his own company, Proud to Present, van Paridon combines his 40 years of experience and commercial expertise in the fast moving consumer goods with the latest tricks of the trade from the entertainment world. He possesses a wealth of best practices that he learned the "hard way" at two of the worlds most successful entertainment companies.

Next to this he entered into partnerships with highly professional parties on areas that are very important in showbusiness such as

  • public relations
  • graphic design/productions(print,audio visuals,internet)
  • mediaplanning- and buying
  • sponsor acquisition
  • hospitality sales - and management
  • ticketing

All this leads to optimal flexibility that enables out -of -the- box thinking and tailor-made solutions for your specific production.
Coordinating the various disciplines, van Paridon ensures optimal synergy between the various disciplines, accurate reporting and will maximize ticket sales.

For productions that will be staged in Belgium Proud to Present has close ties with Arrano Belgium.

Assignments can vary between a role as sparring partner for a strategy to be decided up to a full fledged promoter role for national and international productions. In specific cases a role as co-investor may be considered as well.